Monday, February 16, 2015

Classroom Valentine Party

Valentines Day is the easiest party to plan.  At least 20 minutes goes to opening and looking at all the fun Valentines from classmates.  I still had some entertainment to plan....

Kindergarten Party: Paper Crowns

I thought these were super cute for a Valentines Party hat, so I made pink ones for the girls and red ones for the boys. 

Magnetic Valentines

I cut each kid a heart shaped magnet with coloring paper on it.  They got to color with markers and crayons however they wanted and make a Valentine to give to someone special.

Game: Pin the heart on Cupid's arrow and Pin the bow tie on Mr. Valentine. 

Complete with heart blindfolds made from felt and elastic.  There were super easy to put on each kid and they looked super cute on them.

*2nd grade had a birthday party as well, so just the game was enough to fill the time. 

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