Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Classroom Valentines 2015

So this year I was seriously tempted to pick up a box of candy valentines where all my kids had to do was write their names and deliver.  But....I didn't.  I let my kids pick what they wanted from ideas on Pinterest and we recreated them.

First, Kyla wanted an Olaf Valentine and she found this one funny.  It was super simple.  I found some Valentine's pencils and washi tape to secure them and had cute Valentines that fit Kyla.

Next, Nathan wanted to make everyone a rainbow loom bracelet.  Super ambitious on his part, my part--super easy.  I created this simple printable and punched some holes to loop the bracelet through.

Lastly, Caden wanted several different Valentines...this is his first year in school, so he was quite excited.  He finally decided on these cute animals.  I downloaded the free svg from lia griffith.  *She did hers differently and super cute--check them out!

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