Friday, January 16, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

Olaf Birthday Party

My daughter wanted an Olaf Birthday Party.  It turned out to be a lot of fun--lots of laughter! 


 Decorations:  I cut paper snowflakes and hung them, I also made these Olaf snowflakes to hang.
 I saw this idea on Pinterest, he was fun to make and turned out super cute!

Craft: I helped the girls make necklaces.  For some it was a challenge, but they all sat around the table visiting and laughing while we worked on them. 

Games: Pin the Nose on Olaf. 

Candy Bar Game: Roll a 6, get a candy bar.  You can steal or grab from the center.  Once all candy bars are gone in the center, the game is over. 

 Drinks: I found some cute snowflake paper straws and added some vinyl to some jars. 

 For the drink, we took Sprite and added one pkg of blue kool-aid to every 2 liter.  It was super easy, and they loved it. 


 Jello "Ice cubes" the way, I found Jolly Rancher flavored and it was really good.  Jello brand's blue jello is nasty! 

Kyla also wanted these chocolate dipped marshmallows.  They were also really easy and the girls thought they were fun. 
Kyla's Cake. ( I actually made this for her actual birthday, not the party, but I thought I"d still share)
I used sugar sheets for Olaf and an orange tootsie roll for the nose.
Party Favors: I sent each girl home with a personalized bucket filled with some goodies. 

I also added some M&M s with Olaf toppers to the buckets.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baby Girl Necklace Onesies

I made 2 of these onesies as part of a baby gift.  I love these little shirts!