Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tulle Skirt

OH MY...she LOVES this skirt. I let her wear it out one day last week and couldn't believe how many people gave her compliments on it...and she's such a sweet girl to quickly respond "Thanks, my Mommy made it" with a big smile.

It took some time, but it was pretty simple. I used the pattern from the twirl skirt from Crap I've Made, just left off the lop layer. Before I stitched the top to the bottom, I added tulle. I cut the tulle into 2 inch strips and did a double layer. I just scrunched it up as I went to save time trying to gather it, and it worked great! I got the idea from Little Birdie Secrets and Pink Picket Fence.

*It took 2 yards of tulle to make this skirt.

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