Monday, April 12, 2010

Car PJs

Nathan has been wondering what I was going to make him...since Kyla's been getting some things made. So...I came up with Car Jammies. We bought some car jammies for the winter months...and they have been well used: if they're clean, he's wearing them. So I knew we needed car jammies...but I thought I could make them cheaper than I could buy's what I did! I used a PJ pattern I already had, adjusted it a little and made some shorts. Then I paired that up with some Hanes shirts I got at Target...I had a coupon and they ended up costing $5 for 5 of them. So combined with 50% off on the fabric at Joanne's, these ended up costing about $3 a pair for summer PJs. Love it!

I used Wonder Under to adhere the car shapes cut from the fabric. I added a small stitched border to help them out. We'll see how well they hold up...but he is SO excited!

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