Monday, April 19, 2010

Foam Swords

I've got boys....and my oldest is REALLY into Swords right now. We found foam swords at Shopko and John really wanted to buy them to play with the kids. ($2.99 each) I was a downer and told him we could just make our own and told him I'd seen the idea on a blog (The Idea Room) that had made them out of swim noodles. One of my cool friends made these last year for her kids, too. So, he reluctently left the store without buying the swords. So this weekend I was surprised to come home and find them all playing in the back yard with these:

Esp. since I hadn't shown him the blog, but I really liked his design and it didn't cost anything because we had all the supplies from his work and summer work party.

He put a smaller piece of noodle on the other end of the handle...I loved it! He also did not run the PVC pipe all the way up the noodle, so they are softer for my little kids.
I was so impressed and the kids were SO happy! He's an awesome Dad like that though....

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