Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Third Grade Christmas Party

Christmas Dice Game
We started the party off with a game.  They played in groups of 4.  We gave them one die, a cup with small marshmallows and a paper Santa print out.  The beard had different numbers (1-6) on it.   They took turns rolling the dice and when they rolled a number they put a marshmallow on the number.  When they rolled all the numbers and Santa's beard was full, they got a prize.
 This gave us some time to set up for our next activities: 

Photo Booth
And we did a photo booth, since they spend so much time together all school year I thought some fun pictures together would be fun: Even Kyla's teacher got in on the pictures. 

I made the photo props using paper and my Silhouette cameo.  

 Christmas Sugar Cone Trees
 We let the kids all decorate a sugar cone to look like a tree.

We ended with cupcakes and Capri Suns that our parent helpers brought in.

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