Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Favorite Things Christmas Party

I have wanted to do a favorite things party of quite some time, so I finally did it---and I did it Christmas themed.  It was so much fun!!  There was SO much fun and laughter.  13 moms, away from their kids in a festive environment.  And it was just a party, no selling things or fundraising or pressure.  Just great fun! So here's what I put together:

Simple, just printed them out on my printer....

Banner: (and of course the house if decorated with Christmas and a huge tree in the room, so I didn't need much more for decorations)

Veggies and my Favorite dip
Fruit and one of my favorite dips
A festive Holiday drink
And Chocolate cupcakes with a cream cheese peppermint frosting

And of course the exchange of favorite things:

**I was going to take a picture of the table when everyone had their items on it (and also of the party itself, but I'll admit I was having a great time and forgot)  But there were some great things!

Whipped up some festive cutting boards/trivets to give as prizes to the 2 with the highest points (and one went to the person with the lowest points...just to shake things up)

Seriously thinking about having another Christmas Party next year!!!

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