Saturday, November 2, 2013

8 year old {Girl} Halloween Party

*I used a file from Sil Store to create these

 Drink: Witches Brew Floats
Grape Soda poured over vanilla ice cream.

Treat: Skeleton Brownies
I served up some brownies and white chocolate bones.  The girls used whatever bones they wanted to decorate their brownie. 


 Last "ghoul" standing:  A variation of this game we found at A Girl and A Gluegun

tape them up around the on each wall.

to play:
everyone starts out at whatever picture they want. if they want to stand by the witch they can..
you draw a card and let's say it's the Frankenstein....whoever is standing by frank is out and goes to their seats.

 now, the people who are left  can stay where they are or move...then you call time when everyone is settled and pick another card (the frank card gets put back in)
the object of the game is to be the last man standing (that is why the title is the last man standing in case you didn't see the connection) you can move around as much as you want just don't get caught!!!!

Craft: Bracelets
Kyla wanted a 'girl' craft, so I found some Halloween charms and glow-in-the-dark beads for them to make bracelets with.  
We ended by dancing to This is Halloween on the wii (Just Dance 3).   Then we read jokes as the party wrapped up.  I chose my favorites from here and here and let the girls take turns telling them.

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