Friday, November 1, 2013

5 year-old {Boy} Halloween Party


Drink: Bat Juice Floats
Caden wanted his drink to be labeled "Bat Juice."  I used some vinyl and made it happen in a breeze:


Halloween Treat: Ghostly Fruit
My son LOVES fruit, so these were a perfect fit for his party:

We read Skeleton Hiccups (cute, they loved it!)
and Dear Vampa (We weren't super impressed...not a good choice for preschoolers)  

Craft: Flying Bat 
I found this idea on pinterest, recreated the template in Silhouette to let it do the cutting and hole punching for me.  Then I let the kids help assemble if they wanted and of course they wanted to decorate: (You pull on the string and the wings flap)

*Idea and template from Spoonful


Then we ended the party by dancing to This is Halloween on the Wii (Just Dance 3).  It was so fun to watch them!  I think I had as much fun as the kids (if not more) at this party! 

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