Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fleece Hat and Scarf

I had some leftover scraps of fleece from...years ago. I found this pattern on Make It and Love It for this cute hat and with Kyla's winter coat being purple, I put one together for her. It was really fast and easy. (yeah, that's Nathan modeling her hat for me...I thought I'd make it a Christmas present)

Her head measured 21 inches so I cut two 11 1/2 in. by 8 1/2 inch squares of purple and two 11 1/2 in. by 3 in. for the trim. The pom-pom top I stayed close to the same measurements on her blog.

And then I decided to make her a matching scarf since I had enough left over:

This isn't anything new, but I finally made one. Super easy....two long strips, sew them together down the center and cut 1 inch apart into the scarf coming to 1/4 inch of the seam.

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