Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Garland (and planned activities)

So...when my last issue of BHG came, they had a christmas countdown that was santa hats for treats to count down to christmas....and I thought how cute!!! But I wanted a countdown that gave us activities to celebrate as a family this wonderful time of year. So John and I sat down last Sunday and made a's written down, numbered, and now on slips of paper in this garland for the kids to be excited about and hold up to our commitment to spend more time celebrating together as a took a little longer than I thought it would to whip this together, but I love it and the kids are super excited about it. So here's some pictures:

Hung above our fireplace (and high enough the kids can't get into it)

Here it is a little closer:

I used 3 different red fabrics...Hand stitched all the buttons on and then decided hot glue would work great for the pom-poms. I bought mini clothes pins, clipped them onto a box and spray painted them white.

Ah...and I'm only one day late getting it up and posted :)

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