Monday, June 22, 2009

Kids "Drive-In" Movie Night

They didn't turn out as cute as I had hoped, but they worked and Kyla was super excited about them. I drove her around and let her deliver them to our friends...She wore a big smile the whole time and looked forward to our party all week!


I painted their boxes and let them help me glue on wheels, headlights and a grill. I used a brad (and John drilled a hole through the paper plate steering wheel and box) to put the steering wheels on so that they would actually turn--my kids loved that part!
Others did some cute things with their used the flap of the box and cut out the center of it to create a windshield and another made license plates on the back with their names spelled out. They were super cute! It was fun to see different ideas on decorating the cars!

I used their pillows to make a cushioned seat and tossed in their blankets for movie time.

Complete with concessions:

I cut brown paper bags short to make little popcorn bags. Chose Capri Suns to cut down on spills and of course made it easy with prepackaged cookies. Originally I was going to do mini candy bars...but was not wanted to clean up chocolate since there were four 2 year olds. (I know how messy mine gets)

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