Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pirate Birthday Party

We had fun having a pirate birthday at our house this month.I made each of my kids a pirate hat. I found the pattern on Simple Simon & Company.My sister helped me make the daggers for Christmas presents. We found the idea on Pinterest and my awesome sister drew up a pattern. They worked up really fast and have been one of the boys' favorite toys.

I also made an eye patch and a money bag for his "treasure". The treasure box is one that I had as a child. I freshened it up with some black and gold paint. The kids have had hours of fun with it.
I found a printable pirate map and we went searching for the chest of treasure in the afternoon. We pretended to go through a swampy alligator area (my hubby clapped his arms together like a gater for him) we also used his dagger to fight off pretend wild monkeys that protected the treasure and at last found it and lugged it upstairs to the "boat". It is great that my kids have such active imaginations. It made it a lot of fun and was easy on our budget.

And of course we had to have cake. He wanted a treasure map:

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