Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Hunger Games

I just finished reading the 3 hunger games books. One right after the other. The first book I couldn't put down and finished it in a couple of days! The books are well written and I really enjoyed reading them. John is excited for the movie. I actually read the first 5 chapters aloud to him, but I couldn't wait to keep reading, so I just filled him in on the storyline. He thought the plot "disturbing but captivating". lol. He would ask for an update every night I read.


  1. FINALLY!! They were good huh!! I am excited for the movie!!

  2. They were really good. Now I need another good book (or series) to read...

  3. Just started the new Nicholas Sparks book!!

    1. I'm jealous!! You gonna let me borrow it when you are done??? :) Please!!