Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Garden...

This year we finally established a garden space. We put in 2 large garden boxes with a drip system. We wanted to see how well it all worked before completing our garden space, but now we are hoping to add more garden boxes and grow even more next year.
Zucchini:Corn:Jade Green Beans:

Mini Pumpkins: (We planted 4 seeds in the beginning of June and 3 grew. We got LOTS of little pumpkins to decorate with this fall!)
My herbs: I grew green onions, basil and parsley all from seed. They did great!! (My chives come back every year).
We also grew onions and peppers that didn't do very well this year, but we tried. My kids were so excited to grow our own garden and we'll add more next year...

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