Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glass Jar Lanterns

I used this cute idea for my YW girls. We had a lesson on Learning to Share the Gospel.
I used the girls' first initial to personalize the light.

They were fun to make. I got the idea at Under My Umbrella. I'm thinking about making some more to hang outside this summer. 4th of July ones would be really cute. We'll see where I go with it. I used some baby food jars and some 18 gauge galvanized steel wire from Lowes (4.88 for 110 feet). I bought the spray at Michaels (9.99 for a small spray can...I used 40% cpn to lower the price...then found out later I could have bought a bigger spray can for around $5 at Lowes).

I made a couple extra flower ones just in case of a visitor (or two) so Kyla has claimed one of those for her room. Nathan wanted the other one, so I told him I'd try to make him one this week...without flowers :)

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