Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Hunt- The True Meaning of Easter

One of my awesome friends gave me this idea for teaching my young kids about Christ at Easter time. I love that it has fun visuals to go with the scripture, something that gets my kids attention. They really enjoyed this for scripture reading this week. We will be doing it again next year!! (Thanks, Julia!)

Easter Hunt - The True Meaning Of Easter
1. An egg carton or Easter basket containing 12 plastic colored eggs. Each plastic egg is filled with an object that symbolizes a scriptural reference for the resurrection.
Scriptural Reference Egg Containing
1. Matthew 26:39 Sacrament cup (Let this cup pass...)
2. Matthew 26:14-15 3 Dimes (30 pieces of silver)
3. Matthew 27:1-2 Pieces of knotted twine (bound Jesus)
4. Matthew 27:24-26 Sliver of soap (Pilate: "I am innocent")
5. Matthew 27:28-30 Square of red felt (Jesus' robe)
6. Matthew 27:31-32 A nail and toothpick cross
7. Matthew 27:35-36 Dice (cast lots for Jesus' robe)
8. Matthew 27:50-51,54 Bag of dirt and rocks (earthquake)
9. Matthew 27:58-60 Piece of white cloth (Jesus wrapped)
10. Matthew 27:60,65-66 Stone (rolled in front of the tomb)
11. Matthew 28:25 Bay Leaf (Herbs on Jesus)
12. Matthew 28:6 Empty (He was resurrected)
Ask children (one at a time) to choose an egg out of the basket. The eggs will be numbered so scriptures can be read like the list above. The egg will contain both a small object and the scriptural reference it relates to. Read the scripture and discuss what the object symbolizes. Also, the eggs can be hidden around a room and once all twelve are found they can be opened in numerical order.
The children should gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning of Easter.

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