Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finally...Contruction Truck Blankets!

So when Nathan was a baby...I wanted to do the "boy" room in construction stuff...esp. since John was working on the temple as it was being built. I found this cute fabric...after looking for a long time and bought everything on the bolt. Then it just sat until last week when I finally got my act together and took them to my Grandma's house.

I have lots of childhood memories about my Grandma sewing, esp. quilts...she has a small business to stitch the quilts to the batting...sorry I don't know what that's called...but she's great at it! She let me pick a pattern...she had a lot to pick from! And turned my fabric into these beautiful quilts for the boys! Nathan was so excited! He had a huge grin and squeal and kept saying "Car, Car, Car" as he pointed to them all. So take a look:

The tops:

Yellow back: Check out the cool design with the thread!

She even bound the quilts for me!

Thanks Grandma!!

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